About Us

"Handful of Prints" is a home for more than a thousand unique designs that suit great with our products.

We were founded in 2016 after days of looking for the perfect and personal gift. We wanted to make it easier to search for a print to reflect the individual character without wandering through million stores at the mall.

Bringing 8000+ products to the market with 1000+ (and counting) unique prints, we are sure everyone could find their desires. Whether you want to spoil yourself with a new special printed item or look for the perfect present for your spouse, brother, sister, or mother. We have it for anyone.

After a couple of years selling only beach towels, the group decided to walk out of the beach and get you a few more products. Throw blankets, cushions, cushion covers, and shower curtains. All display one of our many beautiful prints. 

Dealing with 8000+ products did not make us forget about you, our beloved customers. We operate a very kind customer service that will be happy to answer your inquiry, solve your problems, or even just chat. We are our customers, and we are here for you.