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    Cool Fantasy Art Garwin the Green Forest Dragon Shower Curtain
    Cool Gothic Bat Art Full Moon Tapestry
    Gothic Night Art Draculas Bride Redhead Girl and Bats Microfiber Beach Towel
    Stunning Art Painting Miss Autumn Shower Curtain
    Lady Moth Roses and Death Moth on Beautiful Woman Shower Curtain
    Cool Art the Death Ferryman Dragon Motorcycle and Girl Shower Curtain
    Cool Fantasy Art Faunus the Goat Man Creature Shower Curtain
    Fantasy Art Everly the Volcano Island Dragon Shower Curtain
    Fantasy Art Butterfly Girl the Dragon Keeper Shower Curtain
    Cool Art Day Dream Freezing Blue Eyes Shower Curtain
    Fantasy Art Cameron Ice Blue Dragon Shower Curtain
    Bittersweet Woman Shower Curtain
    Fantasy Art Purplish Moon Light Aerial Angel Shower Curtain
    Scary Fantasy Art Darius Moon Dragon Shower Curtain
    Scary Art the Crematoria Frightening Creature Shower Curtain
    Fantasy Gothic Art Beautiful Dragon Angel Girl Shower Curtain
    Fantasy Art Alessa the Volcano Lava Dragon Shower Curtain
    A Winters Tale Beautiful Woman Art Painting Shower Curtain
    Cool Old Wild West Wanted Goat Skull Shower Curtain
    Dark Art the Eternal Fight Angel Statue and Woman Shower Curtain
    Gothic Art Sinister Wings Moon Night Crow Shower Curtain
    Scary Art Graveyard Bats Night Embrace for Lonely Woman Shower Curtain
    Scary Night Art Moonlight Companions Bats and Cat Shower Curtain
    Lola Lovely Cool and Sexy Assassin Girl Shower Curtain
    Space Skull the Moon Queen Shower Curtain
    Dark Art Lilies and Howling Wolf Shower Curtain
    Cool Gothic Bat Art Full Moon Shower Curtain
    Cool Scary Fantasy Skulls Dragons Cross Shower Curtain
    Cool Fantasy Art Dragon Mask Shower Curtain
    Gothic Night Art Draculas Bride Redhead Girl and Bats Shower Curtain
    Cool Art Deadly Sweet Lips and Lollipop Skull Shower Curtain
    Cool Scary Ocean Art Skeleton and Mermaid Shower Curtain
    Dark Art Roses Human Skeleton and Crow Shower Curtain
    Cute and Scary Bedtime Teddy Bear and Bat Shower Curtain
    Night Art Bat Moon and Lilies Shower Curtain
    Dark Art Sad Love Story Redhead Woman and Skeleton Shower Curtain
    Dark Artwork All Shall Fade Rosy Deer Skull Shower Curtain
    Dark Art A Glance of Evanescence Red Butterfly and Skull Shower Curtain
    Cool Art Black Deadly Sweet Lips and Lollipop Skull Shower Curtain
    Gothic Art Scary Devil Woman the Dreamcatcher Shower Curtain
    Fantasy Art Violet Stalactites Cave Dragon Shower Curtain
    Artistic Pencil Drawing Venice Masked Woman Shower Curtain
    Cool Fantasy Art Brave Man the Hunter Shower Curtain
    Fantasy Art Shibalba Beautiful Warrior Woman Shower Curtain
    Beautiful Girl Drawing Sevania Ice Blue Woman Shower Curtain
    Art Painting Bloody Eye Red Tears Shower Curtain
    Beautiful Art Drawing Quiline Graceful Girl Shower Curtain
    Redhead Woman Gothic Fantasy Art Queen Evil Shower Curtain
    Gothic Fantasy Nahimana Bloody Woman Shower Curtain
    Cool Fantasy Art Mother of Dragons Shower Curtain

    The talented artist Sarah Richter created the stunning artwork prints displayed on this page of lifestyle and home décor products.

    Sarah Richter lives in Cottbus, Germany. She grew up in a small village and spent most of her time drawing, always influenced by magical and mythological beings accompanied by the dark beauty and melancholy of the night.

    After working as a graphic designer until 2017, she turned her passion into her profession and became a freelance illustrator.

    She works digitally with a drawing pad or traditionally with pen and paper, depending on how the individual project can best be implemented.

    She was always fascinated by the beauty of the night, dark creatures, castles, and the evanescence of being. From those, she got her artistic inspiration.

    Each one of the products on this page, shower curtains, beach towels, throw blankets, cushion covers, and tapestry sheets, feature a design by Sarah Richter.

    Buy a unique printed item. Buy art.

    Every Order Pays an Artist.