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    The gifted artist Sheena Pike made the incredible artwork published on this page of home décor and lifestyle products.
    Sheena Pike, a Canadian illustrator, creates unique and colorful images inspired by many topics. She captivates her audience with intricate details, exploring everything from seasonal designs to nature, animals and people, surreal “Big Eye” characters, and lastly, a fan favorite, her best-selling Lil Dragonz (as she calls them). 
    She works with both traditional and digital mediums. She has been fascinated by color since she was a child. She demonstrates its beauty by fully utilizing the glorious palette of colors that our spectrum has to offer.
    People have begun to respond as she has continued to develop a style of her own and discover her niche. Her best-selling Lil Dragonz characters have been finding their way into the hearts of many.
    Sheena hopes to continue to captivate and create beautiful imagery, finding her way into the imaginations and homes of many.

    All the products on this page, shower curtains, beach towels, throw blankets, cushion covers, or tapestry sheets, feature a remarkable design by Sheena Pike.
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