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    Fine Art Unseelie Court Gluttony Seven Deadly Sins Throw Blanket
    Fine History Art Unseelie Court Famine Spider Fairy Throw Blanket
    Dark Gothic Art Unseelie Court Death Maiden Throw Blanket
    Unicorn’s Ghost Melancholy Goth Girl Holds a Skull Throw Blanket
    Two of a Kind Albino Elf Girl and Her Albino Ferret Throw Blanket
    Fairy with Two Magical Ferrets with Butterfly Wings Throw Blanket
    Big Eyed Dragon Fairy and Her Two Cute Dragonlings Throw Blanket
    Trilobites Prehistoric Creatures and Beautiful Girl Throw Blanket
    Girl with Tricksy Tuxedo Cat Throw Blanket
    To Love a Frog and Fairy Throw Blanket
    Time Flies Hourglass Gothic Time Fairy Throw Blanket
    Kids Painting Beautiful Tiki Mermaid Throw Blanket
    Tigerlily Tiger Nautilus Sad Looking Girl Throw Blanket
    Gothic Painting Three Witchy Sisters Maiden Witches Throw Blanket
    Three Wishes Fairy in the Floral Countryside Throw Blanket
    Three Wise Faeries No See Hear and Speak Throw Blanket
    Colorful Painting Three Little Birds and Fairies Throw Blanket
    The World Beautiful Maiden in the Sea with Monsters Throw Blanket
    Fairytale Art Prints the Wind in the Willows Throw Blanket
    Poe the Whispered Word Lenore Raven Gothic Girl Throw Blanket
    The Violet Duchess Rococo Style Portrait Maiden Throw Blanket
    The Three Graces Beautiful Nymph Girls and Flowers Throw Blanket
    The Three Fates the Moirai Greek Mythology Angels Throw Blanket
    The Star Beautiful Sparkling Girl Throw Blanket
    Fine Art the Sick Rose Fairy with Worm on Rose Throw Blanket
    The Secret of Notre Dame Mysterious Gargoyle Fairy Throw Blanket
    The Seance Dark Gothic Art of Three Spiritual Girls Throw Blanket
    Beautiful Gothic Girl Reclining on the Scarlet Sofa Throw Blanket
    Scary Autumn the Scarecrow and Crow Winged Girl Throw Blanket
    Beautiful Girl Sad Ballet Dancer the Red Shoes Throw Blanket
    Alchemy Woman The Philosopher's Egg Throw Blanket
    Gothic Art The Offering Forest Nymph Girl with Skull Throw Blanket
    Scary Gothic Art the Nightingale and the Rose Throw Blanket
    The Moon Goddess Forest Wolves and Beautiful Maiden Throw Blanket
    Fairytale Gothic Art the Little Match Girl Throw Blanket
    The Last Leaves Winter Sweet Angelic Fairy Throw Blanket
    Gothic Art the Language of Flowers Black Roses Girl Throw Blanket
    Gothic Art the Language of Flowers Tiger Lily Girl Throw Blanket
    Art Painting the Language of Flowers Tulips Girl Throw Blanket
    Fine Art the Language of Flowers Irises Girl Throw Blanket
    The Language of Flowers Pansies Girl Throw Blanket
    The Language of Flowers Forget Me Nots Blue Girl Throw Blanket
    The Holly and The Ivy Beautiful Christmas Angels Throw Blanket
    Fairytale the Handsome Frog and Two Cute Fairies Throw Blanket
    The Empress of the Universe Victorian Girl Throw Blanket
    The Devil Elemental Fire Demons and Dark Fairy Throw Blanket
    Strange Forest Girl and the Bones in The Ground Throw Blanket
    Scary Dark Art The Alchemist’s Revenge Plague Mask Throw Blanket
    Scary Dark Art The Alchemists Plague Throw Blanket
    Girl with Tea Party Treats and Cakes Throw Blanket

    The gifted artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith made the incredible artwork published on this page of home décor and lifestyle products.
    Jasmine Becket-Griffith is a traditional acrylic painter, combining elements of realism with fantasy and the surreal. Historical and spiritual references are intertwined with fairy tales and the beauty of nature. 
    Her trademark liquid-eyed maidens evoke a wide range of emotions and responses to the surrounding imagery. With every painting, she aims to bring a bit of magic and mystery to the mundane world.
    Jasmine’s images appear in many books and magazines, countless merchandising lines, such as the Bradford Exchange and Hamilton Collection, and her artwork with the Walt Disney Company, Lucasfilm, and more.
    Her paintings have a very wide appeal, appearing in public and private collections worldwide, and she maintains an ever-growing legion of fans from all walks of life with her “Strangeling” brand.
    Jasmine has been showing her work professionally since 1997. She is a full-time painter, working from her studio in Long Beach, California. Her work can be found at galleries across the US.

    All the products on this page, shower curtains, beach towels, throw blankets, cushion covers, or tapestry sheets, feature a remarkable design by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.
    Buy a memorable printed item. Buy art.
    Every Order Pays an Artist.